Our Solutions

Since 2001, Secure Hosting has been providing premium hosting solutions to online entrepreneurs who are concerned about data seizure, privacy loss or business interruption. Our cloud and dedicated hosting solutions give you a higher level of privacy and data security because our servers are located in data centers in The Bahamas and Bermuda and we are governed by their e-commerce laws.

Cloud Hosting

Leading edge hardware and software

cloud hosting imageCloud solutions powered by industry leader VMware provide customers with Enterprise Security, the Latest Technology and the best Managed Support in the business. Remote Access options include secure VPN and two-factor authentication.

Custom configurations including private VLAN, SSD storage, and dedicated SAN disks are available.


  • Firewalling & IDS included
  • VPN & two-factor authentication
  • Public & Private options
  • Powered by VMware

Dedicated Servers

Best CPU’s, RAM hard drives

dedicated server imageAll servers use the latest hardware technologies loaded with
memory, fast processors and hard disks. Software features include the latest versions of Windows, Linux and SQL.

Managed firewall with VPN, load balancing, clustering, SAS and SSD hard disk options are all available.


  • Best-in-class server hardware
  • Managed firewall & VPN options
  • Load balancing/clustering options
  • Latest versions of Windows/Linux

Advanced Hosting

Hosting Solutions for PCI DSS, Private Cloud & Disaster Recovery

advanced hosting imageOur PCI Compliant Hosting solution includes enhanced network security, advanced logging and monitoring, regular scanning and patching and automated data backups.

We take the complexity out of the PCI-DSS requirements by providing a fully compliant solution that is affordable and effective.


  • Private Cloud solutions
  • Cloud/Dedicated clustering
  • PCI Compliant Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions